How to Get Healthy Hair Naturally 

For Healthy Hair, If you have to style your hair, very regularly make sure you use the heat protection spray before you put the blow dryer or curling iron. Also, make sure that you have a diet which is really good in all the nutrients that we mentioned earlier.  We are here going to talk about Hair Care Routines for all age groups and for Different Hair Types. So, a haircare routine depends a lot on your hair type. 

Hair types can be classified as either you having:

  1. Straight Hair

  2. Curly Hair 

  3. Wavy Hair

  4. Coily Hair

  5. Hot Water to Wash Hair

  6. What Foods are Good for having Great Hair?

  7. How can I increase the volume of the Hair?

  8.  Is it ok to Oil the Scalp Daily?

  9. Remedies to Strengthen your Hair

  10. Hair Supplements

What is Straight Hair?

Straight Hair with lack or a little bit of volume. It has a tendency to fall flat and it may get greasy on the scalp. So you could definitely shampoo it every alternate day with a sulfate-free shampoo and condition with any essential oils like jojoba, argan, and coconut. 

What is Wavy Hair?

Wavy Hair challenges are different as it gets more greasy at the scalp. So you should need to wash it after maybe like three times a week. But though it’s relatively easy to style. 

wavy hair Lifespook

What is Curly Hair?

If you have Curly Hair you have a lot of frizziness, you can lose the curl definition. The hair looks very dry. You really need deep conditioning with curly hairs. 

What is Coily Hair?

The fourth type is Coily Hair which is actually the driest hair type and is more prone to breakage. Do not wash more than once or twice a week. Hot oil treatment is a must if you have an oily hair type. 

Coily Hair Lifespook

Healthy Hair Tips

These are the following healthy hair tips:

Can We Use Hot Water to Wash Hair in Winter? 

Though it sounds very tempting to take a hot water bath. Rather than using hot water, you can use lukewarm water or cold water or tap water to wash your hair but definitely not hot water. 

How Often to Wash the Hair? 

As we just discussed it can be anywhere from once to thrice a week so maximum alternate days but then if your scalp is prone to greasiness or if you are into some sports, you sweat a lot you perspire a lot, it’s better for you to wash every day with a very mild shampoo. 

What Foods are Good for having Great Hair?

So they generally are green leafy vegetables, you can take nuts, eggs, and carrots. These foods are generally great for hair. 

How can I increase the volume of the Hair? 

So you can use the volumizing shampoo. Before the shampoo, you can do a warm massage with coconut oil and you could do a blow dryer at home once in a while with your head upside down so that would just give the hair a little lifting effect.

Is it ok to Oil the Scalp Daily? 

It is a very common question asked. Well, it’s just not required. You can just oil the hair 1 to 2 hours prior to shampooing. As the oil can get absorbed in the scalp leading to various infections like Seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. If it is kept on the scalp for too long and also if you oil the hair daily you would need to shampoo it daily which would lead to further damage. 

Other general hair care tips, which apply to all ages, whenever you see the split ends you have to trim it off, there is no just other solution about it. At least once in two months just make sure you go to a salon and get your hair trim to remove the split ends.

Haircare Supplements:

There are many Haircare Supplements that are available in the market. You could ask your Dermatologist what suits you best. 

Biotin is one of the vitamins which is essential for good hair. So maybe if you are deficient, or if your diet is lacking in certain nutrients you can definitely benefit.

Also, get your Hemoglobin checked and a visit to a Dermatologist would be fruitful if you are having long-standing hair loss. 

How to Get Healthy Hair Home Remedies?


  1. Oil your Scalp Naturally 
  2. Almond Oil can moisturize your scalp similarly coconut oil makes your hair shiny and soft. 
  3. Eat Sufficient Fruits and Vegetables 
  4. So that the requirements of minerals and vitamins are taken care of. Proteins are the most essential nutrients for the health of your hair follicles. Add the following five foods to your diet. Foods like:
  5. Sweet potatoes, nuts and seeds, oranges and other citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, and milk. All these will take care of nutrients. 
  6. Massage your Scalp Regularly
  7. This will really increase your blood circulation and open up the blockages 
  8. Yoga Asanas
  9. Do Yog asanas like Sarvangasana, like hastpadasana will could really increase your circulation to your head region and help in the healthy growth of hair. 
  10. Always Be Happy


  1. Do not use a Hair Dryer too much
  2. Don’t use hot water for your bath. 
  3. Don’t use the strainer on your hair this weakens your hair. 
  4. Do not Brush your Scalp too much
  5. Because pressure on your scalp by combing strongly weakens the hair follicles. 
  6. Do not apply shampoo every day. Too much shampooing is going to weaken your hair. Wash your hair once or twice a week. Dry them under the sun is the best way to dry or just keep them open and take a nice towel and scrub it and leave it that would help you. 
  7. Do not use a thick towel 
  8. The towel should be soft and rub also gently and most importantly do not take stress too much because it definitely hampers your health and of your hair in any case. 
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