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Hardee’s is an American fast-food restaurant chain

Food is a basic necessity for all of us and we all work day and night to fulfill this necessity. The fast food industry in Pakistan is the second largest industry and the Hardee’s Pakistan is the 3rd largest brand in it.

Having accounts for 27% of value-added production and 16% total employment rate in the manufacturing sector having more than 180 million consumers, Pakistan holds the record of world eighth largest market when it comes to food-related and fast food.

Fast food which is now sold in various stations in Pakistan and people of Pakistan are fond of eating and do appreciate any new thing which is introduced to them and that is the reason various brands like KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominos, McDonalds and many other popular brands are willing to open their franchise in Pakistan.

Hardees Pakistan

Hardee’s is one of the renowned fast-food chains which is running successfully in Pakistan. Fast food consumption has now increased radically and that dynamic shift is because people here prefer convenience and good taste.

Hardee’s is an American-based company working over decades as a restaurant chain, in many countries internationally, including Pakistan.

It’s chain consists of 3,828 restaurants all over the world. Hardee’s first opened its restaurant in Pakistan at MM Alam Road, Lahore in 2009.

Now its restaurants are in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and in Faisalabad too. Hopefully, in some of the next few years, its branches will spread in every city of Pakistan.

Hardee’s Menu

Hardee’s is a fine edition fast-food chain having very unique burgers with a wide range of flavors. Hardee’s is known for their Beef thick burgers and rich sausages present in them.

There are a choice of French Fries as well. Beef burgers especially in Angus and mushroom sauce is amazing. There are also choice-free unlimited refills of cold drinks which is also an amazing treat.

Not many places in Pakistan where customers refill their drinks but Hardee’s does. Their specialty is its hand-scooped ice-cream shakes and other mouthwatering wraps and chicken sandwiches.

Hardee’s Burgers

Hardee’s burgers include Superstar, Famous Star and Jalapeno Chicken. The signature taste of Hardee’s burgers are due to fresh, best tasting and top quality ingredients which is the identity of Hardee’s.

So, for burger lovers, Hardee’s works as the final destination to fetch up their hunger for spicy, juicy and high-quality burgers.

Hardee’s is a good place to visit where you can relax in a good environment and eat something healthy and affordable.

During weekends you will experience rush there but on weekdays it’s amazing comfortable to visit there. Their service is a bit slow because you first get in line and then order and then get a table and wait for food to arrive but after eating you come to know they have the best burgers in town without any doubt.

But if you are stuck in that situation, takeaway is the best option for you. It has a really nice surroundings and nice underground parking lots which makes parking easy on busy roads. Reviews of Hardee’s are always better than McDonald’s and KFC, so go and try it out. 

The management department is at your disposal to answer all your questions. Team’s surprising ability and education, pass the attachment request to the chef and get an answer.

Even if the customer needs to contact from the comfort of their home about menus and other issues. The director’s continued approach on the ground increases the agency’s performance.

We are at your service to solve all of your problems regarding customer care and support. We provide you a great experience either you order online from a Hardees UAN Number or Website.

Hardee’s Pakistan Customer Care Number:

To get In touch with us dial our UAN #: 042-111-200-400 & 021-111-200-400 (Karachi users only)

Hardees Head Office Address


In case you’re searching for top-notch fast food, Hardee’s is unquestionably one of the spots to go in Pakistan. The adaptable menu flaunts some imaginative fast food, for example, our Hand-breaded Biscuits are of no match.

The eatery utilizes specially prepared beef and Chicken patties. You can look up the nearest branch from the website visitors to experience the exquisite taste of Chargrilled Burgers.


We invite you to sit back relax and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, while our best gourmet experts will use the best and freshest ingredients to prepare delicious dishes for you.

Hardee’s legacy comes from the famous Angus Thick Burger. It can be said that most people have developed a combination of exquisite chic and modern cuisine. Enjoy our dazzling burgers and make the most of our Fast food background!

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