What are Acne Scars | Types of Acne Scars | Side Effects

Acne scars show up following the extreme phases of acne vulgaris from mild, moderate to severe.
Acne is a skin problem generally due to hormonal imbalances and changes.

The inflammatory acne is typically observed during the age of puberty, in both males and females, nevertheless, it can occur in future adult life.

Severe acne could be the result of clogged skin pores that cause bacteria to multiply. Therefore untreated acne could lead to scarring.

Acne Scarring?

Acne scarring is the effect of inflammation inside the dermis caused by acne. The scarring is established by the injury attempting to repair itself creating an excessive amount of collagen in a particular area.

The scars become the leftover ugly-looking marks after the acne disappears, generally brown or red discolourations with indentations to the skin.

Side Effects:

Acne scars become the pigmentation that is left behind after nodular cystic acne (the uncomfortable ‘lumps’ lying underneath the skin) subsides.

It leaves a damaging and disfiguring effect on the skin so that most people live with it, assuming it can not be removed. They accept the scars or scarring for the rest of their living days.

It shatters self esteem and self confidence so that sufferers become physically, mentally and emotionally affected.

Nevertheless, there are a variety of medication and topical skin care products that could help improve mild scarring while severe acne scars could be treated with a combination of skin resurfacing and/or surgical procedures.

Types of Acne Scars:

Can be defined by the loss of tissue e.g.

1) Ice pick scars

2) Box car scars

3) Rolling scars

Or by the irregular creation of new thickened tissues e.g.

4) Hypertrophic scars

Can Acne Scars be removed?

In the past few years more efficient types of procedures, including laser treatment for acne scars, have evolved enabling acne scar treatment to move to new levels of success.

It is, however, very crucial to be sensible about any treatment procedure, and recognize that most scarring can not be entirely removed. Even though noticeable improvement may be accomplished using the appropriate procedure or mixture of combined treatments.

A dermatologist or skin specialist can suggest the best suited acne scar treatment for you.

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