Adult Acne | Drug-Induced Acne | Hormonal Acne

What is adult Acne?

Acne vulgaris is a skin condition characterized with whiteheads, blackheads, pustules and nodules. In general the causes of acne can be due to the imbalances of adolescent body hormones, genetics, diet, stress and other psychological effects. Adult acne on the other hand is a skin condition that affects a particular age group of adults rather than adolescents.

There are several triggers:


Stress can aggravate acne breakouts mainly because it has an effect on the body’s hormonal production. When stress levels are high, the adrenal glands generate more cortisol and more androgens.

This imbalance in hormonal levels causes the skin’s oil glands called sebaceous glands to supply more oil. It is this excessive natural oils, known as sebum in the pores and skin, that makes it much simpler for the pores to become clogged up.

In addition, stress can also have an effect on the body’s defence mechanism. It reduces the recovery capability of the immune system by approximately 40%, which makes it more challenging for the body to repair active blemishes.


Poor make-up can cause bacteria-laden skin pores, increase the possibilities of developing rashes, eye infections and potentially other health problems linked to bad cosmetics.

Acne triggered by the use of bad make up – Acne Cosmetica:

The use of oil-free or non-comedogenic cosmetics will help and avoid getting clogged up pores. Hypo-allergenic perfumes and make up would also help avoid an allergic reaction or skin irritation.

Drug-Induced Acne:

The use of certain types of drugs can potentially cause acne.

Any drug-induced acne is know as Acne Medicamentosa:

The drugs recognized to trigger acne medicamentosa in certain individuals is halogens, steroid drug treatments (including adrenal cortical steroids), lithium (for the cure of bipolar and depressive disorders), anti-tuberculous medication, anti-epileptics and selected anti-depressants.

Steroid induced acne is know as steroid acne:

Women will often experience mild acne medicamentosa when starting or stopping hormonal birth control.

Hormonal Acne:

Androgens is the body’s hormones released from the adrenal glands, testes and ovaries. These hormones, especially the testosterone, stimulate the sebaceous glands and therefore causes it to overreact.

The majority of adult acne happens to women simply because of the changes and imbalances in their hormonal levels

The causes in women include:

The menstrual period:

Some females encounter acne breakouts ahead of their period

Being pregnant:

Most women experience the signs of acne breakouts while pregnant typically throughout the first 3 months or trimester.

Polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS):

This common female endocrine disorder can cause the development of tiny cysts within the ovary, putting on more weight and acne