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Kristin Davis Beauty Secrets

Kristin Davis Beauty Secrets ~ Lifespook

So how does Kristin retain her Fountain of Youth glow? One way is by being realistic. “If you are trying to say, ‘OK! I want to look in the mirror for the next 20 years and not see any changes,’ I ...

Popular Mineral Makeup Brands

Popular Mineral Makeup Brands ~ Lifespook

If you are considering mineral makeup, you may be wondering what type of makeup to select. Mineral makeup has become so popular. Fortunately, more and more cosmetic companies are coming out with ...

Sex and the City Manhattan Hairstyle

Sex and the City Manhattan Hairstyle ~ Lifespook

High maintenance glossy, glam but easy to wear hair is ‘On trend’ for Manhattan this summer! Whether its shiny waves or smooth, straight hair women want natural looking hair with sexy soft highlights ...

Sunscreen Hair Spray New SUN & STYLE

Sunscreen Hair Spray New SUN & STYLE ~ Lifespook

Dynamic Media Holdings, Inc., a company that developed an innovative hair and sunscreen product for balding men, announced today that it will market a version of SUN & STYLE, its new sunscreen ...

Hair Looks for Summer 2008

Hair Looks for Summer 2008 ~ Lifespook

As the seasons change, many women wonder what they should do with their hair. It can be fun to do something new. Every season brings something different. This season has two major trends: feminine ...

Varicose Vein Treatment and Surgery

Varicose Veins Causes, Symptoms, Treatment ~ Lifespook

Have you noticed a visible vascular pattern on your legs and are you worried? Correctly. Most likely, these are the first signs of a very unpleasant pathology - varicose veins. Or maybe they didn’t ...

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