An accident is an unintentional, typically undesirable occasion that was not directly caused by human beings. The time twist of fate implies that no person must be blamed, but the experience can also have resulted from unrecognized or unaddressed risks.

Maximum researchers who examine accidental damage avoid the usage of the time accident and focus on elements that increase the hazard of intense injury and reduce harm prevalence and severity.

For instance

  1. A tree falls throughout a wind hurricane, its fall may not be due to people. Still, the tree’s type, length, fitness, vicinity, or fallacious renovation can also have contributed to the result.
  2. Maximum vehicle wrecks aren’t genuine accidents, but English audio systems commenced using that word inside the mid-20th century due to media manipulation via American automobile enterprise.

Synonyms for accident


  • casualty,
  • mischance,
  • mishap
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