Chest Pain


Chest pain seems in many forms, starting from a sharp stab to a dull pain. From time to time chest pain feels crushing or burning. In positive instances, the ache travels up the neck, into the jaw, after which spreads to the again or down one or both arms.

Many one-of-a-kind troubles can motive chest pain. The maximum life-threatening reasons involve the heart or lungs. Because chest ache can indicate a serious problem, it’s essential to are seeking for immediate medical assistance.

Chest pain and heart attack

Chest soreness or pain may be a key caution symptom of a heart attack. heart assault signs and symptoms may additionally include:

  • Chest ache or pressure, or a bizarre feeling in the chest.
  • Sweating.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Ache, pressure, or an unusual feeling within the back, neck, jaw, or upper belly, or in a single or both shoulders or arms.
  • Lightheadedness or unexpected weak point.
  • A fast or irregular heartbeat.

Chest ache or pain that comes on or receives worse with exercise, pressure, or consuming a big meal and goes away with relaxation may also be a symptom of coronary heart disorder referred to as angina.

What to do when you get angina?

When you have any of those signs and symptoms of a heart attack, name 911 or different emergency services right now. Once you call 911, the operator may also let you know to chew 1 grownup-strength or 2 to 4 low-dose aspirin.

Look forward to an ambulance. Do not try to drive yourself. when you consider that the maximum of the harm to the coronary heart muscle throughout a heart assault takes place in the first 6 hours, emergency remedy may additionally save you damage to the heart muscle and demise.

For ladies and men, the most common symptom is chest pain or stress. girls are particularly much more likely than guys to have other signs like shortness of breath, nausea, and lower back or jaw ache.

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