Combination Skin

What is a combination skin?

A mixture of skin types in different areas of your face, most of us has a combination of oils and dry spots AKA blended skin.

It is almost like the joyful feeling of dry sand that meets the waves of the sea, or the two sides of a coin. But taking care of your skin should not be a throwaway.

Keeping your dual skin types balanced may be as cool as marine life as you learn our tips and skincare combination program. Once you know the effect of what part of your skin combination you need, your best-looking skin may be on the horizon.

What causes combination skin?

As for what causes congenital skin, you can appreciate those common characteristics of any skin type — age, hormonal fluctuations, and genetics (i.e., some newborns have large holes around the T-zone).

The surrounding area also plays a role, as dry weather can deplete certain humidity areas, while humid temperatures can increase sweat and oil in the T-zone.

How to care for combination skin?

The key to complex skincare is to treat both oily and dry areas at the same time. You will need specific products to get into the pores and lift the excess oil, but you do not want to overdo it lest you dry your skin continuously.

It is a small measure of action, and it requires putting in the right ingredients. As Aguilar observes, “Dealing with combination skin is simply an attempt to find the right combination of products to meet its specific needs.” Couldn’t approve more.

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