Green Card
4 Ways to getting US Citizenship | Naturalization process

Getting US citizenship is one of the most significant decisions in a person’s life. The one who is applying for US citizenship must show his loyalty towards the government and law of that state and also show responsibility for the development of the state. After completing all of their ...

Complete Process of Immigration Medical Exam

An immigration medical exam is an important step for immigration process, when you applied for Green card or permanent citizenship at a certain place, in a certain country this exam will be taken by a government-authorized doctors. If you are living there or moving there with your family it ...

How to apply for a Green Card? | Application Process

Before you apply for a green card firstly there’s a need to understand actually what is a green card? Green Card A green card is known as a permanent residence card, a Green card allows non-US citizens to stay in their country permanently and legally. For many people from outside of the US who ...

All about Green Card Lottery and Diversity Visas Lottery

A Green Card is known as a permanent residence card that allows non-US citizens to work and stay in the United States permanently and legally. The Diversity Immigrant Visa program which is also known as the Green Card lottery program in which the US allows up to fifty-five thousand people from ...

Green Card Eligibility | Categories | Special Immigrant

A Green card known as a permanent resident card in the United States, It’s an identity document that allows a person to live within the US and work lawfully anywhere in the United States. Green Card Eligibility Categories Let’s begin with the categories of people who are eligible for a green ...

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