Sex and the City Manhattan Hairstyle

High maintenance glossy, glam but easy to wear hair is ‘On trend’ for Manhattan this summer! Whether its shiny waves or smooth, straight hair women want natural looking hair with sexy soft highlights woven through the hair which soften their look to add that effortless glamour. The Olsen Twins ...

Sunscreen Hair Spray New SUN & STYLE

Dynamic Media Holdings, Inc., a company that developed an innovative hair and sunscreen product for balding men, announced today that it will market a version of SUN & STYLE, its new sunscreen hair spray product, for active women. Very often, active women who are exposed to the sun will burn ...

Hair Looks for Summer 2008

As the seasons change, many women wonder what they should do with their hair. It can be fun to do something new. Every season brings something different. This season has two major trends: feminine hair and masculine styled hair. They are both quite popular. What you choose can depend on your ...

Benefits of Pistachio Nuts: Can pregnant girls eat pistachios?

14 PISTACHIO Advantages that prove this is the best snack ever!  Faraway running has brought out the worst in us on the subject of snacking. No longer a great deal of movement has diverted our attention to our flavor buds, and the effects are those shocking numbers on the scale. But what if we ...

Orange Essential Oil Benefits

Use of Orange Essential Oil The orange essential oil may have a variety of home, industrial, and medical uses. It can be used to add orange flavor to drinks, desserts, and sweetmeats at home. In the industry, it can be used for soap, body lotion, creams, anti-aging, and anti-wrinkle creams, ...

Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil Argan oil has been the basis of cooking in Morocco for centuries - not only because of its subtle, nutritious taste but also the wide range of potential health benefits. These natural vegetable oils are found in the seeds of the Argan tree fruit. Even though native to Morocco, ...

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