Do you Know 6 Different Types of Ginger

What does it taste like?

In the different types of Ginger in which Fresh Ginger is slightly peppery and sweet. It has a pungent and spicy aroma. Much like garlic, fresh ginger mellows with cooking and turns bitter if burned. The ground form is not as strongly flavoured as others but it has a warm bite and a little sweetness. Ground ginger is not easily swapped with fresh ginger.  

Varieties / Types of Ginger:

The different Types of  Ginger is available in Eight forms depending on the form and :

  1. Ground Ginger
  2. Fresh Ginger
  3. Spring Ginger
  4. Mature Ginger
  5. Dried Ginger
  6. Pickled Ginger
  7. Preserved Ginger
  8. Crystalized or Candied Ginger

1. Ground Ginger:

 It is also referred to as powdered ginger, it is dried and ground ginger root. Primarily it is used in sweets and curry mixes and is readily available in supermarkets.

Ground Ginger Lifespook

2. Fresh Ginger:

It has two forms: Young and Mature.

  1. Young one is also called green or Spring Ginger. For use it can be chopped, grated or julienned. They have a pale thin skin which requires no peeling, it is very tender, and has a milder flavor.

Fresh Ginger Lifespook

2. Mature Ginger root has thick skin that must be peeled away to get to the fibrous flesh. It is usually ground, chopped or grated for use.

Do not be alarmed, if you notice blue ring after slicing fresh ginger, it is not mold or fungus. It is blue ring ginger or Chinese white ginger which are the variety of ginger. It is considered superior due to its juiciness and bright flavor.

Mature Ginger Lifespook

3. Dried Ginger:

It is usually found in slices and is soaked in a recipe’s liquid before using and isn’t hard to dehydrate at home.

Dried Ginger Lifespook

4. Pickled Ginger:

In Japan it is called beni, shoga or gari. It is pickled in sweet vinegar and is usually colored bright red or pink. It is eaten to refresh the breath and is a familiar accompaniment to sushi

5. Preserved Ginger:

It is available in asain and specialty markets. This form of ginger has been preserved in a sugar-salt mixture.

Generally it is used as a confection or added to deserts, and is especially good with melon.

Preserved Ginger Lifespook

6. Crystalized or Candied Ginger:

It has been cooked in a sugar syrup until tender. Then coated with granulated sugar. Commonly it is used in deserts and can easily be made at home.

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