Top 5 Best Herbal Acne Treatment

Herbal acne treatment can be considered to be a very powerful and effective substitute or alternative for the treatment of acne.

It is a great choice for acne sufferers who would like to avoid the side effects of prescription medication. Hence, strongly becoming popular today largely because of the limited risk for side effects. It works on hormonal levels or changes and keeps them in balance.

The alternative herbs used to treat acne are:

1. Burdock Root

2. Yellow Dock

3. Dandelion Root

4. Red Clover

5. Green Tea

These natural herbs work to purify and cleanse the blood stream of harmful toxins by improving and enhancing the liver function.

Once the liver is overloaded and lethargic toxic compounds are unable to filter through the body outwards but rather filters back into the body and the blood stream. This consequently exhibits as a non inflamed or inflamed skin dilemma e.g. pimples or cystic acne

1. Burdock Root:

This has been in use for centuries for treating all types of chronic skin problems. It has been proven to be an effective and safe herbal acne treatment.

Burdock is indigenous to Europe and Northern Asia. The extracts can be seen in several herbal products and homeopathic treatments.

The root is thought to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The Chinese believe it works against tumours, inflammation, fungal and bacterial infections. It is also suitable for dry, scaly skin.

It is a traditional liver tonic, a laxative and a mild, natural diuretic that helps remove toxins. It therefore has the capability to increase blood circulation and eliminate harmful toxins in the skin. Consequently, boost the body’s defence mechanisms and purifies the blood.

Burdock tea or capsule are readily available as a acne remedy.

2. Yellow Dock:

This can be used as a herbal acne treatment or for protection against persistent skin complications.

Poor consumption of digested food coupled with a weak liver performance may result in toxic metabolites causing skin irritation. This herb has the capacity to effectively strengthen the liver and allow it to purge effectively.

So that any skin disorder can be cured by this potent herbal remedy. Hence, it is extremely helpful in the battle against acne.

It consists of an abundance of antioxidants which enables it to purify the blood of unwanted impurities. It releases a chemical substance called anthraquinone glycosides that help the digestive system, enhance a stagnant liver and induce the bile output.

Some herbal healthcare specialists feel that persistent skin complications like acne only get better with the long-term use of yellow dock. Nonetheless, if you have kidney stones it cannot be used.

3. Dandelion Root:

This is a well balanced herbal acne treatment that makes an effective acne tea.

The healing advantages of dandelion is in its capability to detoxify the liver, remove the excessive hormones and hasten the excretion of toxic compounds from the entire body.

This herb is a rich source of vitamins A, B, C,and D. The ingredients extracted from the root is very effective in enhancing clear skin and exceptional for the treatment of skin conditions like acne breakouts.

It is a used as a herbal treatment for a failing liver. It energizes the movement of bile, a substance that aids the fat digestive system, which is why it is used for liver and gallbladder disorders.

It is a mild diuretic that enhances the way the kidney detoxes the blood and recycles its own nutrients. It reduces irregular bowel movements and helps in reducing bloatedness and inflammation

4. Red Clover:

This herbal remedy is used to tackle chronic conditions that affect the skin. It is a safe and effective herbal acne treatment with a long history of medicinal usage.

The herb contains a substance called genistein, which has anticancer properties. Traditional herbalists have used red clover to treat conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne.

It can be taken internally is a powerful blood cleanser as it is diuretic. It also plays an important part in decreasing acne breakouts.

Non-fermented red clover is safe to use, while fermented red clover may cause bleeding. Pregnant women and breast feeding women should avoid taking red clover supplements.

5. Green Tea – Herbal Acne Treatment:

Studies have shown green tea to contain a potent antioxidant, called Epigallocatechin Gallate or EGCG, that is able to get into cells and exert its protective effect.

This powerful antioxidant present in green tea might be useful in preserving cells from the problems of heart disease and cancer.

Countless samples of black tea, oolong tea and green tea as well as other acknowledged antioxidants were analysed with the use of a modified version of the Ames Test, commonly used to identify cellular mutations.

EGCG was added into the Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid or DNA samples that was already challenged with, powerful and recognized free radicals, peroxide. The research discovered EGCG to be a powerful antioxidant, providing 63% protection from DNA damage.

In a side by side evaluation using similar concentrations, vitamin E was discovered to be much less protective against damaged cellular growth than EGCG, while vitamin C demonstrated very little protective activity at the same concentration.

Researchers discovered that antioxidants found in green tea was 25 times better than vitamin E at protecting cells from oxidative damage and that it was at least 100 times more effective than vitamin C.

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