How to apply for a Green Card? | Application Process

Before you apply for a green card firstly there’s a need to understand actually what is a green card?

Green Card

A green card is known as a permanent residence card, a Green card allows non-US citizens to stay in their country permanently and legally. For many people from outside of the US who want to stay in the US for their job, study, business, refuges, or any other purpose this card will allow them to live and work anywhere in the US legally.

The main advantage for the person who is having this card is that after two or three years of getting this card he can qualify for US citizenship and when he gets the citizenship there, he can stay there as long as he wants.

How to apply for a Green Card?

Application process:

  • The website that you need to use for all of your immigration purposes is USCIS.GOV.
  • After visiting the website first you need to do to go to forms and after clicking on that you will see the second option I-485( How to apply for the green card). This is the one that needs to click on after that web page will open.
  • In a brief description, after reaching that page we see that there are many different purposes through which the people mainly applied for a green card. You can apply for a green card on a different basis, for example, it will be based on marriage, based on employment, based on asylum, based on refugee, based on status there are a lot of different criteria there. The processes regarding application many of them are quite similar to one another but the main difference is the time that you have to wait for.
  • All the instructions regarding this are from the instruction site on the top of the page. You must click there open it up and download it. After this read it thoroughly, you’ll get that information that is more relevant to your situation and application. You’ll also get to know whether you are eligible for a green card or not.
  • After understanding your situation, your application status, either on what kind of visa you have applied for, what to do, what not to do, and which box or space you need to fill, after doing all these things now the second and major step that you have to fill your application.
  • While filling the application form make sure you follow the standard procedures written in black dark ink. These are the most important aspects of the instruction part.
  • When you open your application form, some applications allow you to fill in it all the necessary information. You always prefer to fill the application in a computer instead of filling it by your hand, because everybody has different handwriting so it is difficult to understand for anyone else. So always prefer to fill application through your laptop or mobile and the person who is applying for a green card should try to fill his application his personally. It reduces the number of mistakes in your application by more than 90%.
  • After filling your application with all your necessary information, just print it out and sign it at the end. This process is good for both of you and your immigration officer, there isn’t any confusion left for the immigration officer.
  • Some important tips while filling the form are to check out your alien registration number many times, that mailing address you mention there make sure it is the current one, also mention a correct alternate mailing address if you have any, it will be always useful for you. If you want to mention the E-mail of your friends family or anyone as an alternative make sure that they are using it or working on it and they conveyed your message on time.
  • Always try to focus on your category, make sure that you filled the form of your category, whether it’s employment-based, family-based, education-based, or any other thing, just make sure about it.
  • Don’t forget the purpose of your application while attending the interview.
  • Always double-check your application before submitting it. Try to check it from someone else before submitting your application so that the probability of errors is reduced to the extent.
  • Make sure you attach all the documents that are required with your application.
  • Report of medical examination and vaccination record is one of the most important documents regarding your green card and visa purposes, especially after COVID. This is mainly the first thing you need to concentrate on.
  • For a report of medical examination, you need your local doctor who knows about this specific medical examination which can be done for a green card. The doctor conduct that medical examination, performs all the vaccinations that are required, and in the end, the doctor fills a special form, fills it, and seals it. You must attach this sealed envelope with your whole document package and send it.
  • There’s another way to access that doctor that you have to open the USCIS.GOV website, in tools you will see an option, to find a doctor and after clicking on it, put your address in it and you will find out the list of doctor who is working in your area for immigration purposes.
  • A medical exam usually takes two to three days. In these, your doctor takes all the necessary tests and does all of your vaccinations that are required for immigration. After that, you’ll get your sealed envelope from your doctor.
  • Now the question is that from where do we have to send that, you will find the phone number of national customer service the USA, where you asked them the address most probably it depends upon the area where you lived in.
  • You can also find out a drop-down (where to file) on the main page and through there we find out many places or address from where we drop our file there.
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