KFC vs McDonald’s in Pakistan

As we know McDonald’s and KFC are some of the world’s largest chains of fast-food restaurants. Now we compare both of them one by one to know the difference and to wrap up the result that who is the best.


KFC is also known as Kentucky fried chicken. KFC now has worldwide more than 13,000 restaurants in more than 80 countries and territories. KFC is the largest brand that can own other largest brand companies like Pizza Hut, Tacobell, A&w, and Long John Silver. Colonel Harland Sanders was the founder of the KFC  food chain. There are more than 83 restaurants of KFC in Pakistan that serve thousands of customers daily.

On the other hand, McDonald’s corporation is one of the world’s largest chains of hamburgers and other fast food items. It serves more than 68 million customers daily with almost 39,198 restaurants in 119 different countries. This company starts as a barbecue restaurant in the year 1940 by two brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald.

The restaurants which are owned by Mcdonald’s are Domino’s pizza, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Pret A Manger, Redbox, Aroma, Boston market, Krispy Kreme, and McDonald’s itself. There are 71 restaurants of Mcdonalds in Pakistan that serve daaily thousands of customers.


In case we compare the sales of KFC and McDonalds in the market then we get to know that McDonald’s owns more sales and servers more customers than KFC worldwide while in Pakistan, KFC owns more selling in the market of Pakistan rather than McDonald’s.

A survey in October 2019, shows that in public opinion KFC and PizzaHut are some of the more popular food brands in Pakistan. But both KFC and Mcdonald’s are the most popular fast food brands in Pakistan among the public.


1. Taste:

In case if we compare the taste of these both brands both have a very good taste and excellent servings but according to a survey in 2019, according to the reviews of the people there are almost 70% of people who gave their opinion that KFC tastes better than McDolands rest of the 30% people thought than McDonald’s tastes better than KFC.

2. Visitations:

According to the Survey, worldwide 35% of the people who are interested in eating fast food visit McDonald’s once a week while in comparison to KFC only 25% of people visited KFC once a week. But overall visitation of customers are same every year.

3. About Staff:

The behavior and serving of staff in both of these restaurants are almost the same. According to the survey, about 46% of McDonald’s staff is friendly while in comparison KFC more than 48% of the staff KFC is friendly and serves better.

4. Fresh products:

As both of the fast-food chains McDonald’s and KFC wants to provide excellent fresh food to their customers but in comparison of that McDonalds and KFC, McDonald’s servers 96% of fresh food to their customer while on the other hand 91% of fresh food to their customer according to the customer’s point of view.

5. Hygiene:

Hygiene and a good clean environment are one of the basic priorities for the customer, clicking and posting details of where you visited is one basic trend now which is introduced by social media, so many of the customers preferred an excellent environment rather than a portion of tasty food.

So, according to a survey, 67% of people thought that McDonald’s have an excellent and hygienic environment to visit there while the rest of 33% people preferred KFC over McDonald’s in case of hygiene.

6. Advertisement:

Advertisement is the introduction of a product and company and it is one of the most important things nowadays because people prefer a well-known product who’s having a good image in their minds rather than an unknown product, so these brands spend millions of dollars in advertising to create a good image in the mind of the public to engage them towards their products. So, according to a survey KFC has 70% more attractive advertisements rather than McDonald’s.

7. Symbol of Status:

In a survey, when it was asked by the people that they considered which one is the symbol of the status KFC or McDonald’s above 25% of people think that KFC is a symbol of status while on the other hand 20% of people gave their opinion in favor of McDonald’s rest of 55% of people thought that they both are big brands and both are a symbol of status.

8. Economical:

As it is said “Do not stretch your feet beyond the sheet” so, in the case of food, people usually preferred those restaurants that are economical for them and also satisfy their need for delicious food.

So, according to a survey, when a question asked by people which brand is more economical to them either KFC or McDonald’s than 32% of people thought that McDonald’s is more economical to them while 21% of people preferred KFC while the rest of the 47% people gave their vote in favor of both of them.

9. Eating Environment:

As we visit a certain restaurant the first thing we observe is their environment, either they have a clean and attractive environment or not either their staff behaving well or not, there isn’t anything present there which annoys us. So in a detailed review, about 68% of customers prefer KFC over McDonald’s according to their eating environment.

10. Innovation in new food:

A idea is a basic thing that encourages customers to order products so when there’s innovation in the idea of food by making and updating their recipe according to customers’ taste in that specific area.

McDonald’s has the ability that always does some innovation their food products and categories in comparison to KFC. McDonald’s also plans seasonal advertising food items while KFC doesn’t do that. So, in this case, KFC is slower than McDonald’s in the innovation of seasonal food promotions.

11. Food Specialty:

If you are hungry and you have craving for fried chicken then you have to visit KFC because KFC is popular for their Fried Chicken, wraps, and many other chicken products while on the other hand, McDonald’s is popular for their burgers they also offer the complete breakfast menu including wraps, hash browns, and milkshakes.

If you want to know that which one of these two international food brands McDonald’s and KFC have won this food competition, we think McDonald’s is the winner of this food competition but KFC too is nothing less than McDonald’s both serves their customers best at their own places.

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