Kristin Davis Beauty Secrets

So how does Kristin retain her Fountain of Youth glow? One way is by being realistic.

“If you are trying to say, ‘OK! I want to look in the mirror for the next 20 years and not see any changes,’ I just feel you have kind of lost touch with reality,” she said. “I feel we have lost the idea that smile lines are beautiful. When they have all these ads where they have lines drawn on your face and they say these shouldn’t be there, well, that would mean that you had never smiled or laughed and that’s just not right.”

Instead of scrutinizing those lines, Kristin, who’s the spokesperson for a natural skincare line from Israel called Ahava, would rather focus on health.

“It’s made of all the minerals that are found in the Dead Sea and in nature,” Kristin said. “The minerals are so strong it makes you tingle, so I have to use that sparingly. It’s exciting. I always feel like, ‘Oooh!’”

What else does she do to stay looking so good? The girl we first fell in love with as she played a conniving assistant alongside Heather Locklear, Andrew Shue and Courtney Thorne-Smith in “Melrose Place” hasn’t touched alcohol since she was 22.

Though you might have seen Kristin light up on TV as Charlotte in “Sex and The City,” Kristin doesn’t smoke either.

“I don’t smoke and I have never smoked,” Kristin explained. “My mom — that was one of her things she was strict about.”

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