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Riding a motorcycle has been quite a popular hobby at the time. Since 1999, the use of motorcycles has grown up to 76%. About 200 million motorcycles are in worldwide or about per 1000 persons there are 33 motorcycles.

The number of users of motorcycles has increased in America over the past three years from 43 million to 47.5 million in 2017.

With these so many motorcycles on the road, motorcycle accidents have now become a reality of life. Motorcycle accidents have a massive amount of percentage of total traffic death in the U.S. For many reasons, motorcycle accidents are most dangerous ones then the car and truck.

Primary Reasons for a Motorcycle Accident:

The first and foremost one is to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. According to a survey, only 36% of motorcyclists use helmets. This further leads to severe neck and head injuries.

As a result, when a motorcycle gets into a car or truck accident, the more likely motorcyclist will suffer harm. Even when motorcycle accidents aren’t deadly, they still cause direct results on a person’s wellbeing and health.

About looking at the United States as a whole, about 5,000 motorcyclists die from motorcycle accidents each year.9 out of 10 people who died in a motorcycle accident were men.

While males have 92% of those, who died of a deadly injury from a motorcycle accident. More than 26% of all the people who die while riding a motorcycle having alcohol, traffic destiny, and problems created by other drivers.

Making an abrupt turn, lane change, trying to pass another car, and failing to spot are important reasons for having a motorcycle accident.

Types of a Motorcycle Accident

1. Not seen by the Driver:

In many cases, due to distraction, driving under pressure, not paying attention, fog, rain or extreme weather conditions, or any other reason, most car drivers don’t see motorcyclists before colliding with them.

2. Drunk Driving:

About 50% of the deadly motorcycle accidents are due to drunk driving. Either the car driver was drunk, or the rider was drunk. But drunk driving makes the road most dangerous, which not only do they harm themselves but also become enemies of others’ lives.

3. Road Hazard:

Road hazards like loose gravel, potholes, ice build-up, and edges between lanes present more severe problems for riders than car drivers.

The defect in the road might be barely noticed for a car diver than a motorcycle rider. But bikers should take care and avoid all these hazards to reach home safely.

4. Inattentive Driving:

Driving without proper attention is one of the most common reasons for traffic accidents which cause deadly injuries. Anything goes wrong when a driver gets distracted from his way if he is more likely not to check his surroundings and take a turn.

5. Side and Head-on Collision:

Side collisions are a type of motorcycle accident when a car is changing lanes. The results will be fatal when a driver, without checking their blind spot merges into the next lane through an intersection without noticing a motorcycle.

On the other hand, Head-on collision mainly occurs when the driver is distracted and in the wrong way in a one-way street. A head-on collision is more likely dangerous for motorcycle riders causes a severe head injury like brain trauma or spinal cord damage.

6. Dooring:

It rarely occurs, for the most part, it’s most common in urban areas where people park parallel. A dooring occurs when a car driver is pulled or opens the door without checking if anyone is coming first.

When a door suddenly opens in traffic, it causes a motorcyclist to be thrown over handlebars or crash into the door.

7. Lane Splitting:

Lane splitting is a kind of action when a rider rides between two lanes occupied in traffic and It’s usually for a short period in traffic or at an intersection when to pass another vehicle.

It’s common during heavy traffic and it’s also common in some countries and states. However, It is illegal. So, due to lane splitting, riders cause an accident. They are responsible for that accident and resulting injuries.

When to file a Motorcycle Accident Claim

If you loved ones or got into any motorcycle accident, you first contact a motorcycle accident attorney. At the law firm, there are specialized experts helping motorcyclists receive compensation through negotiation and investigation processes.

By reading and analyzing your case and gathering information about it, the authority can help you file a claim for your insurance with the relevant insurance company to recover accidental damages and injury.

Many financial, physical, and psychological expenses are related to motorcycle accidents. Financial fees include hospital bills, medical transport costs, lost wages, and bike replacement or repair. Physical expenses like severe injury, loss of limbs, disfigurement, brain trauma, and paralysis.

accident of motorbike

Psychological like pain or suffering costs. A motorcycle accident claim filing is an effective action for that injured motorcyclist. It’s a kind of secure compensation for his losses.

A claim of a motorcycle rider is by an injured rider or his loved ones on his behalf. A claim was filed to compensate for damages for loved ones who were severely injured or died due to the accident.

When we lose a loved one through an accident, it’s a disturbing and painful experience for us. So, to claim compensation, you need to prove that the accident is due to another party’s mistake, which results in the death of your loved one.

The wrongful death is due to another driver’s mistake or motorcycle manufacturer’s mistake like using defective or old parts. You must have proper evidence that supports that the accident is due to the negligence of another party to claim compensation.

Mistake of Motorcyclist:

Under some circumstances, if the motorcyclist is at fault in an accident, You won’t claim compensation.

  • Driving under pressure
  • Driving and texting
  • Unsafe driving through an ill-maintained vehicle
  • Speedy driving
  • Distracted by other means

In that case, you will not claim compensation because it’s all your fault.

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