Popular Mineral Makeup Brands

If you are considering mineral makeup, you may be wondering what type of makeup to select. Mineral makeup has become so popular.

Fortunately, more and more cosmetic companies are coming out with their own lines of mineral makeup! This is ideal as mineral makeup is so much better for you than other types of makeup and it gives you a very natural looking face. It is ideal for all types of women and every age. You can only look better wearing mineral makeup.

The best way to find the “best” type of mineral makeup for you is to look at the foundation colors and other colors offered to see what will compliment you the most. Some companies also offer packages that will help you get started in using mineral makeup. This can be a great way to get all of the accessories that you need – the brushes and occasionally a video to watch to learn how to wear mineral makeup.

One of the challenges some women have discovered is that mineral makeup tends to cost a bit more than regular makeup. Mineral makeup usually costs about thirty percent more than what you would spend regularly for makeup.

But often you’ll find that you are using less makeup and the products that you do buy are lasting you a long time. So while you spend more in the beginning, it may be a better bargain in the long run. Most women are so pleased with the results that they rarely complain about the higher cost once they see and feel what mineral makeup is like on their faces!

Here are some popular brands for mineral makeup. Be sure to check with your favorite makeup brands to see if they are coming out with their own line of mineral makeup — more than likely they are!

Eyes lips face

This makeup company only started in 2007 but they are well known for their pretty and trendy makeup that usually only costs one dollar. A dollar for makeup! It is an unheard of bargain. So when e.l.f. came out with a mineral makeup line, you knew it was something to talk about.

Their mineral makeup line offers you every shade and all the brushes you need to create a beautiful face. Their mineral makeup prices start at $5, a real steal for mineral makeup!

Cover Girl

CoverGirl is known for always being in style. Their TruBlend Minerals Blush and TruBlend Minerals Bronzer will give your face a lovely tint of color. They also offer loose powder ideal for your foundation. This is part of their TruBlend line.

Physicians Formula

PhysiciansFormula has a large line of mineral makeup. They proudly say that their mineral makeup is “talc-free.” Some of their mineral makeup also has vitamins A & E, known anti-oxidants that are good for your skin care also. Their packaging of mineral makeup is also very stylish and attractive. They have just introduced an Organic Makeup line also, a great addition for natural skin care.

Sheer Cover

This beauty company offers mineral makeup sold only online. They offer a great kit of mineral makeup that is customized according to your skin tone and coloring. This is a great way to get started on mineral makeup.

The kit comes with every brush you’ll need ideally for mineral makeup. Often the brushes can be a true challenge for most women – as you need different brushes for mineral makeup rather than typical makeup.

Jane Iredale

Another popular mineral makeup line. The Jane Iredale line is also known as the skin care makeup. Sold both online and off. Also contains sunscreen which is an added bonus.

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