About Skin Types | There are 5 different type of Skin

Understanding the types of skin, especially your own skin, may be the most important way you get to make sure your skin looks and feels its very best.

This understanding will make it possible for you to know how to care for your skin and what products are best suited to use on you skin. However, most people may be baffled when trying to work out what type of skin they have.

It, therefore, becomes very important to know what type of skin you actually have. This would ultimately empower you so that you are able to take advantage of the right products on your skin, body and face. This can make a big difference to those trouble spots.

What are the different Types of Skin?

1. Oily Skin:

This type of skin tends to be greasy with enlarged pores. It is frequently prone to blemishes, blackheads and acne.

2. Dry Skin:

This type of skin may feel rough and tight, even after cleansing. It is not prone to acne but may have fine wrinkles, red patches and be flaky.

3. Normal Skin:

This type of skin is neither oily nor dry but smooth with even texture and good circulation. It is free of marks and blemishes. The pores are not enlarged but normal sized. The skin does not easily become irritated.

4. Sensitive Skin:

This type of skin may have frequent allergic reactions or negative reactions to things like deodorant, perfumes or laundry detergent. The skin may easily break out in rashes and flushes. It is also prone to broken capillaries.

5. Combination Skin:

  • This is described as being a little bit of each of the above.
  • Combination skin is normal with a few oily patches and a few dry patches.
  • Oiliness on the T-zone, with breakouts, and dryness on the cheeks.
  • After cleansing some areas feel dry and some smooth. Most women have combination skin.
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