VC4 performs manipulations and operations using laughing gas

For two days, the doctors of the VC4 Dermatology Clinic studied the guidelines for the use of a mixture of gases. The training was conducted by Yannick S. Jensen, medic from Denmark, Head of the Department of Pain Relief Products and Enterprise Development of the North European Region.

When performing several dermatological manipulations, laser procedures and even vein surgeries, a mixture of laughing gas Entonox was used as an anesthetic, which is offered by one of the largest manufacturers of medical gases, AGA SIA/Linde Healthcare .

Jannik S. Jensen from Denmark said that world experience shows that laughing gas is the most reliable method to calm the patient and perform pain relief. It has been known in the world since the 19th century, when the method was introduced by Horace Welsh, and for a long time it was the only method of pain relief. In Latvia, it has been used since 2009 to reduce pain during childbirth, although laughing gas has been used for this purpose for a long time in other countries of the world.

A couple of years ago, in Latvia, laughing gas was used in dentistry, and now in Veselības centrs 4 , it can be chosen for anesthesia during various manipulations, procedures and operations. This opportunity is the only one in the Baltics!

vc4-provodit-operatsii-s-veselyashim-gazomEntanox is a ready-to-use mixture of gases (50% laughing gas – N2O mixed with 50% oxygen). The high concentration of oxygen that Entanox contains (more than twice the concentration of oxygen in air (21%)) ensures optimal oxygen saturation in hemoglobin. The ready mixture also ensures that the use of Entanox is safe, and under the supervision of a physician, an overdose is impossible. At this concentration, laughing gas provides a sedative and sedative effect, and the patient is conscious and easily awakened.

Entonox is intended for the short-term relief of mild to moderate pain when rapid onset of pain relief and rapid recovery are required. It can be used in patients of any age, except for children under the age of one month. Entonox is administered by inhalation to spontaneously breathing patients using a face mask. In this case, the medical staff regulates a special gas supply device and usually the patient himself holds the breathing mask and inhales laughing gas. If the manipulation is carried out in the mouth area, you can use a special mouthpiece.

Entonox inhalation should be started 3 minutes before the start of the painful manipulation. During this time, laughing gas reaches its maximum effect. For the method to be effective enough to provide relief, Entonox must be continued to be inhaled throughout the painful procedure or as long as the analgesic effect is required.

Dermatologist Linda Kapteine ​​said that this is a good alternative to pain relief, especially for children from school age, with whom it is possible to cooperate and achieve intense inhalation of laughing gas. The offer also includes flavored laughing gas, such as cola or tutti frutti. For small patients there are a number of other advantages: there is no constant feeling of fear of the doctor; over time, sedation can be abandoned, since the feeling of fear no longer arises; the quality of treatment improves – even a long procedure can be easily endured. The positive aspect is that laughing gas is easily excreted from the body and, removing the mask, the effect of the drug quickly stops – within a few minutes.

vc4-provodit-operatsii-s-veselyashim-gazom-2Vascular surgeon Ints Udris stressed that laughing gas has analgesic properties that increase the patient’s pain threshold and pain tolerance. However, laughing gas sedation does not replace local anesthesia. It can help reduce anxiety and puncture pain associated with the administration of local anesthesia during surgery.

I.Udris noted that the vein operations were successful and some patients were in a very good mood. In addition, they gladly took on the role of an anesthesiologist – according to the doctor’s instructions, before carrying out painful manipulations, they themselves easily regulated the amount of laughing gas they inhaled.

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